%100 Cotton 2 Layer (with Filter Pocket) Reusable Mask (wholesale/private label)

During these difficult days we’re all at war with Covid-19, all kind of businesses over the planet affected seriously. We’re passing really difficult days and we’ll all changing as mindset and futuri vision. So, our interests and our needs, our lifestyles and our habits will change at the end of processes. Regarding all this vision, we started to produce masks for keep you well and still enjoy with you fashion. We believe, we all have space for masks in out current and future lifes.

Mask is a self protection based accessory. But, it’s not need to be unfashioned or boring material. We can keep our healths well while we’re still enjoying from a cloth/accessory and create relations with them. We’re working on couple of designs/patterns and different level/purpose of protection level models.

We’ll start soon for our online-shopping, wholesale & contract distribution services with our own and newby brand “Style&Safe” dedicated to produce designer masks.

But, we already started to produce “%100 Cotton 2 Layer (with Filter Pocket) Reusable Mask” wholesale production / private label productions. Currently we only serve with 1 type of mask with choosable design/texture for material. Here is the mask pictures below.

You can simply start ordering by email/whatsapp/phone to us.

Also, we researched about cloth masks if Health Organizations and Universities tested or advising it? Here are some researches you can read to know about.

CDC Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Cambridge University


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