We help you to handle all your contract manufacturing. The one-stop private label shirt manufacturer company. Starting from scratch to the packed/ ready to sell Men Shirts and Men Textile product.

Fitting Pattern Design

2-3 Weeks

We desing your fitting pattern with all details & development suggestions regarding our tests. Or, we can copy and develop your own pattern before we started. All the patterns develops in .dxf file formats and usable in all over the world with manufacturers who use general digital design applications.

Fabric & Material Sourcing

2-8 weeks

We’re working with 10’s of best suppliers for the shirting fabric in Turkey.
We always have the latest catalogs and collections in a wide range of styles.
You’ll have freedom to choose from hundreds of thousands designs to fit with your brand styles. Or, we’re able to procees special design manufacturing for your own needed qualities and designs. Out of fabrics, also we supply buttons, cardboard labels, boxes, hang-tags, poly-bags, woven labels etc. All this materials are able to customized and branded. We’re one stop solution for all your branding needs over the goods.

Sample & Collection Production

1-5 weeks

Regarding our fitting pattern design service, we always create samples and size sample set to critic, confirm and test the pattern.

As part of our fitting pattern design and development service, we always produce samples and whole size sets. This is necessary to test, critic and preview for fitting.

In the other hand, we have “design sample” producing service as you can preview the design you’re planning to produce in bulk. Let us tell go one step ahead, we have collection creation produce service for preview and/or collecting pre-orders. This works a lot for some of our clients which fits their business process.

CMT, Private Label

3 weeks to ~

Together with our 80+ employee on own production line and additional contractors, we’re supplying tens of thousands Men Shirts monthly. We deliver all goods packed and ready to sell every month.

We are a very dynamic company which creates very friendly communications with the clients and achieving to deliver in the shortest time possible. We excited will see you inside our family. We’re one-stop private label Shirts Manufacturer company.

Need more details?

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