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We are a passionate & professional full-service company for Private Label Men Shirts & Textile supply.

Offering you a full range of  men’s shirts & textile design, manufacturing and supply services


Experience of over 20 years of successful manufacturing for contract unique brands and modern designs all over the world.

Our Works

Print Shirts, Smart Casual Shirts

Bishop Collar Shirts, Wedding Shirts, Formal Shirts

Flannel Shirts, Winter Shirts, Designer Shirts, Screen Printed Shirt

Designer Shirts, Casual Shirts, Button Down Shirts, Dress Shirts, Classic Shirts, Slimfit Shirts


Fitting Pattern Development & Editing
Supply Updated Fabric Designs Each Season
Sampling & Collection Creation
Production Planning & Manufacturing
Packing & Delivery

Supply Updated Fabric Designs Each Season

We are working with more than 10’s of Men’s Shirt Fabrics suppliers.
They are the best shirting fabric suppliers in the country.
During our long-term trusted business career in the sector, we built very strong relations with all of our suppliers. So, we’re always updated with the latest jquard, stripes, checks, plains, prints fabrics, and designs. We always source the best fabrics at the best possible prices. Also, we’re able to produce private designs and fabric qualities as requested.

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